Thanks for visiting me in Kansas City!

I had a great time in Kansas City this weekend! It was a crazy weekend filled with fun and friends. So what all went down in KC?

The Expo was a great success and I got to attend with friends like Kayla from Dead Darling Boutique, and Jesse from Airship Iron Rose, and even got to stay in the same hotel as my friend Andy Taylor, the Sheriff of Steampunk!

I got to see tons of cool things vendors and artists and left with a casket key, a skeleton face charm, and a crochet jackalope who looks a little like me! It was a great time, and I can't wait for the other shows I've got coming up this year!

My husband Alex and I spent another day after the Expo in Kansas City, and while April First was Easter this year, we definitely felt more like April Fools upon realizing that almost everything was closed for the holiday. Oops! We still got to go to SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium, which was nice since I love visiting fish when I travel!

Even though I had a great time, I'm really happy to be home! Once My nerves recover I'm hoping to make some listings for resin items to buy on my website, and share info on other upcoming events.



Came back with a cold. Oh no!



Tried to make some new friends. Nya!



Got to share her art with loads of new people!

Bye for now!

Ra Butler